Tippmann A5 Review: Complete Review with buyer guide, 2020 updated

Tippmann A5 Gun Review: Sturdy & Durable

Tippmann A5  is sturdy, reliable, durable, and is an upgrade of the Tippmann 98 Custom. In this article we cover a complete Tippmann a5 review.When it comes to designing and manufacturing of high performance paintball markers and accessories, very few companies can compete with the craftsmanship of Tippmann. Since 1986, the company has produced some of the best paintball gun models. Included in its large assortment of paintball guns and accessories is the Tippmann A5, which is arguably the company’s greatest creation to date. 

Tippmann A5 paintball gun is very easy to use and maintain, which makes it a great marker for beginners. The fact that it can be customized with various accessories, means that it can be used in virtually any paintball game. Therefore, if you are a lover of Milsim, woodsball and scenario games, then this is the gun for you. Despite being such a simple gun, the Tippmann A5 is among the few paintball guns that can be used by players in all levels from beginner to pro level. The popular misconception is that this gun only excels at the beginner and intermediate levels.

However, with the right upgrades the Tippmann a5 paintball gun can also be used at a pro level. The truth of the matter is that pro level players are usually part of the marketing campaign for gun manufacturers. They will therefore use whichever paintball markers their sponsors pay them to use. If you are a beginner, this gun is the best bet for you. It will teach you all the tricks to the sport. With parts that are easy to dismantle and reassemble, you will learn how a paintball gun works and how to maintain, upgrade and clean its parts. Here is the Tippmann A5 paintball guns reviews.

  • 0.68 caliber
  • 200 round hopper
  • 15 BPS feed rate
  • 8 BPS firing rate
  • 8.5 inch barrel
  • Standard trigger
  • 20 inch total length
  • 150 foot range
  • 3.1 pound weight

Tippmann A5 Key Features

  • Cyclone feed system that uses air instead of batteries
  • New external selector switch that allows easy switching between safety and firing modes
  • 5 firing modes with the ability to fire 15 balls per second
  • Semi-automatic action that fires as fast as the trigger is pulled
  • Easy to strip, customize and upgrade without tools
  • Ergonomic design with a longer front handle for a firm grip and steady shooting
  • Lightweight design
  • Aluminum body with a 8.5 inch barrel
  • Low profile hopper for a clear view
  • Wider internal bore for easy stripping and maintenance
  • Powered by carbon dioxide, nitrogen and other compressed air

Tippmann A5 Performance

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What sets the Tippmann A5 far above the rest is top notch performance. With an 8.5 inch barrel, this gun has a 150 feet range. It also has less noise compared to other guns, which makes it a perfect marker for any gamer. The barrel can further be upgraded to 15 inches for added accuracy and for longer ranges. It is also superfast thanks to the new cyclone feed system that connects the feeder sprocket to the air system. The semi-automatic trigger function allows you to shoot as many balls as your finger can pull the trigger. The maximum number of balls the gun can shoot is 15 balls per second, which is enough to overwhelm your opponents. There are lot of tippmann A5 custom mods are available in the market. 

Another unique feature is that it is a mechanical gun powered by compressed air. This is one area that this gun truly excels. Battery powered guns have to be recharged continuously for them to function. This takes away all the fun, especially if the recharging has to be done during the game. Tippmann A5 uses compressed air to propel the paintballs, no recharging is required. It also allows you to select which type of gas you are comfortable with: nitrogen, carbon dioxide or compressed air. The low profile hopper allows for easier visibility, especially for those long range shots.

Tippmann A5 Reliability

The Tippmann A5 is a very reliable gun. It has an ergonomic design that is comfortable to handle. Although it is a bit heavier and longer than other guns, it actually has a better feel and the front grip adds to the overall stability of the gun. The front grip can be adjusted slightly to the front or back depending on your preference, while the back handle is ambidextrous which is very comfortable for both hands. The cyclone feed system has an auto loader on the side that automatically feeds paint balls into the system, which allows you to concentrate only on aiming and pulling the trigger.

The new pedal design of the cyclone feed system is easier on the paint and therefore prevents popcorn effect, which is quite common in many paintball guns. It further features a selector switch just above the back handle, which allows you to switch from safety to fire mode easily. The Tippmann A5 is also easy to maintain. With only few screws, three push pins and tombstone connectivity, this gun can be assembled/disassembled in just 60 seconds for a pro. Cleaning and oiling the gun is very simple and it is due to this reason that it is highly recommended for beginners.

The shock absorbent end cap at the back reduces wear and prevents recoiling of the gun. The 200 round hopper has enough ammunition that will outlast many opponents in a paintball game. Furthermore, it is compatible with a wide selection of add-ons. This gun can therefore be customized to high performing mods and upgrades that will enhance your gaming experience and keep you ahead of the competition. Even in its basic design, the Tippmann A5 still offers high performance. The customizations are necessary however for the gun to meet the necessary requirements in each game. It also includes a front cocking knob that allows a fully enclosed receiver and a wider internal bore for easy maintenance.

Tippmann A5 Durability

Tippmann A5 is constructed mostly from an aluminum metal with a few parts made up of hard plastics. It is therefore built to last. Although the metal casing makes it heavier and sturdier than other models, you actually get the feeling of holding a real gun, which improves the gaming experience. This metallic design is weatherproof and can be used in virtually all weather conditions. The cyclone hopper system has a properly constructed internal system that reduces the chances of balls jamming. In case there is an instance of jamming balls, the auto loader (plunger) on the side can be used to manually force feed the balls into the air system. tippmann a5 automatic is one of the most durable paintball gun. 

Another great fact about this gun is that most parts are replaceable. So, there is no need of replacing the whole gun, if a few parts are worn out. Just purchase the worn out parts and assemble them back into the structure. This actually saves on purchasing costs and ensures years of use. The shock absorbing end cap reduces recoiling and wear and tear of the gun, which is a unique feature that lacks in most markers. It also has a new improved black gasline that is bound to stand the test of time.

Custom Mods for Tippmann A5
tippmann a5 review

The Tippmann A5 comes with additional features that allows various upgrades. You can therefore mold the Tippmann A5 to assume whichever real life gun you want like the infamous AK47, the MP-5 SD, or the M4A1. Upgrading is usually in the following areas: barrel, optics, response trigger system and body kits. Some of the upgrades include a 15 inch barrel for added range and more accurate shooting. The optics also features a red dot sight for a more precise shooting.

The response trigger system is upgraded to the E Grip, which has a magnetically operated Hall Effect Trigger that features five firing styles. Front and back sling mounts allows the gun to be mounted on the shoulder to ease the hands of the weight.

Tippmann A5 upgrades include:

  1. Tippmann A5 E Grip
  2. Tippmann A5 Flatline Barrel
  3. BT Apex 14″ extended barrel 
  4. Tippmann A5 Response Trigger
  5. Tippman Cyclone Feeder System
  • Easy to upgrade and customize
  • Offers accurate shots with the red dot sniper feature
  • Includes a 15 inch sniper barrel for improved range and accuracy
  • Covers a large range of up to 250 feet with the upgrades
  • The cyclone feed system increases shooting speed
  • It has an adjustable firing rate from single shot to full auto firing mode
  • It is very durable due to weatherproof design, replaceable parts and a shock absorbent end cap
  • Can easily be assembled and disassembled without tools
  • Quite heavy, especially if it is carried for a long time
  • Some people find it too long
  • The barrel cannot be customized
  • Paintballs from other companies clog its hopper

The Tippmann A5 paintball is one of the cheapest markers. However, the low price is not an indicator of low performance. On the contrary, the Tippmann A5 is a high performing gun that requires very little maintenance. It is therefore great for beginners. So, if you are in need of a mechanical marker with the speed and performance of electric powered paintball guns, then the Tippmann A5 is the best choice for you.

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