Tippmann 98 Custom Upgrades: The Top 10 Upgrades for Your Tippmann 98

Tippmann 98 Custom Upgrades: The Top 10 Upgrades for Your Tippmann 98

Tippmann 98 custom upgrades and mods are here for the taking to help you revamp your shooting range and precision. Even though the original Tippmann paintball marker has seen a good number of modifications over the years, the designs do not always cater to personal tastes and preferences. It is due to this reason that the company made the marker customizable to help you take advantage of the good upgrades for Tippmann 98 custom. This will allow you to standout and give you a huge advantage over competitors in the battle field. 

What are the Best Upgrades for a Tippmann 98 Custom?

Paintball Tippmann 98 Custom upgrade kits come with a lot of mods and accessories to take your game to the next level. They range from simple design adjustments mods for ergonomic and aesthetic value to more complex and sophisticated accessories that enhance performance and improve long range shooting. 

Here are the ten best Tippmann 98 Custom upgrades:

1. Stock

Stocks are generally divided into two: fixed and adjustable. Fixed stocks are immovable, while adjustable stocks are movable and can be further categorized into two: extending/collapsible stocks and foldable stocks. They also come in different material compositions, such as metal, plastics and composite each with its own advantages.

It is also important to look at different stock styles. For instance, a skeletonized stock is designed to reduce overall weight of the marker, while the Carbine stock will give your marker the look and feel of an AR-15 rifle.

There are also replica stocks modelled to resemble various real life military guns like AR-M4, G36, MP5 and AK-47. Some sophisticated stocks even come with special features like an adjustable cheek riser and Rear Velocity Adjustment (RVA) that allows you to change your marker’s velocity.

2. Trigger

Tippmann 98 Custom Trigger upgrades are very popular among shooters mainly because they come with an adjustable firing rate allowing you to shoot as many paintballs as possible. There are two main upgrades to select from: the E-Grip and the Tippmann Response Trigger. The E-Grip or the Electronic Grip Trigger is powered by batteries and features five firing modes: full-auto, semi-auto, turbo, auto-response and the 3-round burst.

The Response Trigger utilizes air to power up the trigger. Although it does not have digital firing modes, its ROF (rate of fire) can be adjusted by turning on the gas restriction screw. The upward of having a Response Trigger is that you do not have to deal with problem of the battery failing you during action.

On the other hand, the E-Grip is much easier to work with, as you can shoot it out right out the box after selecting the firing mode. The Response Trigger requires you to set it up right or you will not be able to shoot it with a leaking gas. You may also want to consider the design of the trigger. For instance, the double trigger is much better than the standard single trigger that the marker comes with.

3. Barrels

Tippmann 98 Custom barrel upgrades are very essential as they offer more accurate and quieter shots. Barrel length and bore size are the two important upgrades you should look out for. The type of barrel length you select should depend with the position you are more adept at playing.

For instance, if you are a scout or a front player, go for short barrels (1-3 inches) as they will transform your marker to a sub machine gun. Medium length barrels will transform the 98 Custom into a powerful assault rifle suitable for the infantryman position. Long length barrels improve accuracy and long range shooting and are therefore suitable for snipers and back players.

There are special features worth your two cents also like porting and fluting that reduce air turbulence and allow quieter shots. Interior spiral patterns spin the paintball fast allowing them to cover more ground. Also consider the barrel material, as it will affect the overall weight of the marker.

4. Hopper & Feed Elbow

The feed system that the 98 Custom comes with is really not cut out for the heavy task, since it is a beginner marker. A better upgrade would be a Cyclone Feed System. Powered by spent air, the Cyclone Feed System eliminates the limitations of a battery-powered electric hopper. It is also faster than gravity fed hoppers.

It is also important to look for better upgrades for the feed necks. Personally, I have a preference for aluminum offset clamp style feed necks, as they are more durable than plastic ones. Also, look for a transparent feed elbow, as it will allow you to know when you are running out of ammo.

Alternative, you may convert your marker to a magazine fed (magfed) gun, if you want to add a bit of realism to your game. However, magazines limit paintball usage and may disadvantage you going against cyclone fed markers in a speedball game.

5. Air Tank

There are only two options for air pressure management: C02 tanks or compressed air tanks. C02 tanks are generally lighter, offer cheaper refills and produce more shots per fill than compressed air. Unfortunately, the C02 is stored in the tank as a liquid and has to be converted to gas before it reaches the marker.

If the liquid C02 makes it way to the marker, it can lead to serious damages. Also, the liquid C02 is affected by temperature fluctuations and may freeze in colder weather. Compressed air is basically gaseous nitrogen that is stored as High Pressure Air (HPA) in the tank. Nitrogen is not affected by temperature fluctuations and is therefore more stable than C02 allowing better accuracy and more consistent velocities.

6. Front Grip

A front grip upgrade will not only give your marker a realistic appearance, it will also add to its comfort and stability. Rubber grips are more durable and comfortable than plastic grips, while wooden grips give an authentic feel.

Also, Tippmann grips come in various designs that you can take advantage of, such as the folding and quick detach types that allow easy handling in super tight spaces. You may opt for magazine-based front grips. Although they do not function as Magfed, they add to realism and physical appearance of the marker.

7. Expansion Chamber

If you are looking to use a C02 tank, then an expansion chamber is very important to deal with the problems of inconsistencies and poor C02 conversions. The work of an expansion chamber is to increase distance covered by the liquid C02 to allow it to fully convert to gaseous form.

This shields your marker against perils of liquid C02, such as reduced accuracy and damaged parts. Also, the expansion chamber will work perfectly as a front grip and as a result, you will be killing two birds with one stone.

8. Power Tube & Bolts

The plastic power tube featured on the 98 Custom is not of the best quality, as it leads to ball breakages and is also not very durable. A better upgrade would be an aluminum version of the power tube, which is quieter, more accurate and reduces ball breakages.  Aluminum power tubes are also unbreakable, require very little maintenance and are O-ring sealed internally to reduce air leakages.

9. Barrel Shroud & Rails

Barrel shrouds give the marker an intimidating look and should definitely be part of your upgrading kit. Apart from keeping appearances, shrouds and rails will help you mount various accessories like flashlights, bipods, tripods, sights and scopes, especially if you are looking to upgrade your 98C to a sniper marker.

10. Hammer

The last upgrade I would recommend is the T-Tech Zero Kick Hammer that is far better than the stock hammer. The Zero Kick hammer boasts of half the weight of a stock hammer, which lessens kick and recoil allowing for consistent and accurate shots. The Zero Kick hammers are also hand polished and heat treated and as a result, they are harder and more durable than stock hammers.

Factors to Consider When Upgrading the Tippmann 98 Custom

Type of Game

Before you update your 98 Custom, put into consideration the type of game and position you will be playing. Different games come with different marker requirements and you have to adhere to these requirements to be able to offer the same tactical performance as your opponents. For example, if woodsball is your preferred game, then you will have to consider upgrades that improve distance and accuracy. However, if you are more into speedball, then speed should be your number one priority.

Frequency of Playing

Ask yourself: how frequently do you play paintball? If you find yourself trying to recollect the last time you played, then there is no need of throwing away money upgrading your Tippmann. Instead, stick to leasing. However, if you find that you cannot go a week without a paintball game, then upgrading your marker will make your games worthwhile.

Level of Expertise

If you are still an amateur or at the beginner level, then there is no point of stocking up accessories for your gun. First of all, learn your way around the gun, before you can move to the good stuff. Learn how to handle it well during movements, such as running, spinning and flipping. Once you get a good grasp of the basics, you can then acquire more upgrades to take your game to the next level. It is pointless to start running before you learn to stand and walk.


Your location should play a key role when selecting the type of air tank for your marker. While HPA tanks are generally better, HPA tank filling facilities are very rare especially in remote places. If you live far away from your dealer, then C02 tanks would be better since they are cheaper and will allow you to purchase several tanks to keep you going until your next refill.


Lastly, consider the budget you have set aside for the upgrades. If you have a stringent budget, then there is no need of going overboard with the purchases, stocking up things that only add aesthetic value but no performance like scopes. Instead, stick to upgrades that only enhance performance like a better barrel, trigger, hammer, air tank, feeder, stock and an expansion chamber.

Although the Tippmann 98 Custom is a beginner level, it comes with so many customizable choices that makes it one of the best paintball markers to own. And the best thing is that you don’t have to break bank to make these upgrades, since the mods and accessories are very cheap.

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