Tippmann 98 Custom Review and Complete Product Guide (2020 Top Paintball Gun)

Perhaps you love combat sports and want to join paintball. This being the case, you may have come across many reviews recommending Tippmann 98 custom marker as the best weapon of choice for beginners. However, you may want more information to top up on other reviews you have come across before you can finally settle on it as your preferred entry level marker.

tippmann 98 custom review

"Tippmann 98 custom is endeared as a highly durable marker that never disappoints especially when it comes to delivering accurate shots."​

Well, you are in the right place where you will also learn more about Tippmann 98 features and what is so special about it that makes it stand out as the best marker for newbies. Our tippmann 98 custom review is complete & help you to take the right decision. 

As an entry-level player, the 98 custom offers you best performance & style above average. This gun fires 8 shots per second which can be increased further to 15 with various trigger upgrades. Another great feature that will definitely attach you to this marker is the unlimited customization options that you can add to it. Even better is its simplicity and easy accessibility to its internal parts while servicing or installing upgrades.

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Tippmann 98 Custom Overview

98 custom tippmann is endeared as a highly durable marker that never disappoints especially when it comes to delivering accurate shots. Moreover, this marker provides limitless options to upgrade or tippmann 98 custom parts, which means you can customize it anyhow you want to meet your different needs. With this provision, entry players have an added advantage since they can customize their 98 Custom with flexible upgrade options. This will make it easier for them to compete in a bout and help them to learn paintball fast. On a better end, the same marker can further be upgraded to become a more versatile marker at the pro level.

  • User-friendly making it a perfect choice for newbies.
  • Extreme durability
  • Highly efficient, doesn’t spend much CO2
  • Reliable marker
  • Thousand upgradable options
  • Needs a lot of upgrades to fire shots faster.
  • Quite heavy that even becomes more with additional upgrades.

Tippmann 98 Customers review:

From the various reviews published in accredited customer feedback sites such as Amazon and eBay, many customers are happy about this marker. A greater percentage of users have praised its solid built durability that makes it withstand beatings in extreme conditions. Other customers were also happy about various customization options and how such can be performed with ease. However, others looked at this differently where they felt that upgrades were very expensive and to some extent surpassed other advanced markers. 

Tippman 98 custom Key Features

a) Extreme durability
As an entry-level player, there are high chances of breaking your marker beyond repair since you are yet to master how to effectively execute combat moves. For instance, you may trip and fall on the marker while retreating fast from attacks or break it while crawling low on the ground. This can be very costly especially if you had spent quite a fortune on a highly rated paintball marker.

The Tippmann 98 custom frame is all round aluminum casting. This makes it hard to break since it is designed to resist breakage in extreme combat conditions such as bad weather. Well as an entry level player, you can focus all your energy on eliminating your enemies rather than being careful not to break your marker.

b) Unlimited upgrade options
The greatest selling point that has always made the 98 custom the most preferred marker of all times is its provision to accommodate unlimited modification to suit user preferences & quality: hence the name. Its split receiver design makes the internal parts accessible with ease and also addition of new components. Moreover, installing upgrades modification and servicing of this marker is very simple and can even be performed by entry-level players who don’t have much experience with paintball guns.

Well, you also don’t have to worry about custom ideas to try on this marker since there are thousands of creative ideas on the internet that are worth a try. Examples of custom upgrade ideas that you can try include; loaders, E-grip electronic kit, expansion chambers just to only to mention a few.

c) High performance and efficient
Speaking of efficiency, Tippmann 98 custom offers great performance and improved CO2/nitrogen efficiency. The inline bolt system is designed to minimize air wastage when firing. This will come along with saving you a lot of cost on CO2, which you can add to your budget for more advanced upgrades to improve its performance.

How Tippmann 98 shoots

Speaking of accuracy, this marker never disappoints. As per tippmann 98 custom manual the custom 98 comes fitted with an intuitively designed trigger that ensures you deliver accurate shots at your opponents. By so doing, you will not only keep them distant but also stay alive for long. With a little upgrade, you can increase its performance at a small cost to have it function far much better than some highly rated marker.

When it comes to performance, Tippmann 98 Custom is capable of firing 8 shots per second, which is above average for an entry-level player. Also as mentioned earlier, it doesn’t spend more CO2 to fire shots which keeps it energized for long hours.

Popular TIPPMANN 98 Custom Accessories

Collapsible folding stock
This upgrade allows you to fold the 98 custom into 6 different positions. This ensures you that you don’t miss your closer opponents.

Cyclone Feeder System
As you become acquainted with this sport, you may find the 98 cyclone feed is extremely slow. It is at this point that you will find the cyclone feeder system handy. This loader system simply uses air to feed up to 15 balls per second with paint tank.

The 14” and 16” barrels for Tippmann 98 custom
These are high precision barrel that are designed to deliver accurate shots to distant range targets.

Anti-Chop Technology E-trigger system for Tippmann 98 custom
This is a 9 volts electrically powered trigger that comes with 5 unique firing modes namely the turbo, automatic response, semi-automatic response, 3 shots burst, full auto. This add-on is compatible with the 98 custom that supports ACT and with serial number 893,000 and above. Players can simply change between different modes at a click of a button. This upgrade increases Tippmann 98 firing speed to 15 shots per second.

US Army Electronic grip kits
This trigger upgrade shares exactly similar features with ACT E-trigger system. The only difference is that this upgrade is meant for 98 custom weapons that don’t support Anti-Chop technology. Air driven triggers low budget trigger upgrade that you can also try include the double trigger (designed to increase speed) with little efforts and the response trigger kit.

Key Features & tippmann 98 custom specs

User Friendly
Upgradable options

Final thoughts

If you love combat sports and want to start playing paintball, you will definitely need a highly reliable affordable marker that will give you an upper hand to learn fast and become a pro. This marker offers great durability that is second to none which is a plus for entry-level players that are likely to damage their marker while practicing combat techniques. These features make this weapon the best option for entry-level players for the budget. In addition, there are unlimited upgrade modifications that you can add on it and have it function at higher levels compared to some highly rated markers. What’s even interesting for this marker is that upgrades and servicing of this marker is very simple and easy to do on your own. This tippmann 98 custom review is for beginners to understand the pros & cons. 

Acquiring a marker such as this that you can customize and use for long, gives you a sense of attachment to it. This also enables you to fully understand your weapon in terms of how it performs, i.e. whether to push it further or take it slow to stick within its optimal limits. This way, you will be better placed in learning fast compared to other entry-level players who prefer to get started in very expensive highly rated markers. tippmann 98 custom platinum is a great edition.

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