Paintball Audit Creative Writing Scholarship 2019

To help and encourage students  to polish up their skills, we’re very happy to announce”Paintballaudit Creative Writing Scholarship”.

Our scholarship is created for the majority of students that have college graduate, undergraduate and postgraduate students. We believe in the power of words. All you will need is a good flavor of writing to find this $1000 scholarship from 2019- 2020.

Who can participate in this program?

While there are not many Constraints to enter our scholarship program ; we do need the student to become genuinely interested and Possess the below –

  1. Ought to be registered or enrolled at a University/College at the 2019-20 session
  2. Interest or experience in playing paintball games.
  3. You must possess a minimum 2.8 GPA

What You Need To Do?


  1. We’d need a write up of 3,000 words about” How paintball game evolve over the last 2 decades “
  2. You will need to compose your personal experience for your write-up. No plagiarism or replicate article is permitted.

  3. You must possess a minimum 2.8 GPA

How Can You Benefit?

  1. It’ll be sent straight to a school/college/university Financial Aid office.
  2. The winners will be chosen by us according to careful evaluation and we’ll notify them via email.

How to apply?

Attempt to make a blog piece that’s both valuable and interesting.

Send over the script to us on —

Your Entire Name: 
University/College where You’re registered:
Email address
Content :

Deadline and particulars -

The winner will be informed separately via email and declared approximately June 5th, 2019. We conduct our scholarship program each year.

Please notice, we’ll have complete rights to use the information of this winning post. You’ll get paid $1000 scholarship to your bit of writing and will have copyrights to utilize it for publishing as we have fit.

  1. After submitting the guide to us we shall hold whole directly to the guide and may use the content anywhere.
  2. Over 1 entry from precisely the exact same individual will instantly get rejected.
  3. Only English language entry is going to be obtained for evaluation.
  4. Next calendar year, we’ll start a different scholarship and Scholarship amount may vary.
  5. T&C stays same almost all of the time. But because of steer clear of some difficulty we’re mentioning it.