Raptor Eagle Paintball Gun Review​ – Complete Review

The Raptor Silver Eagle paintball gun is a low end mechanical marker that is part of the Raptor Eagle series by Brass Eagle. It is an entry level gun that received a major boost in design and performance to make it a better marker than the previous markers in the series. It boasts of a semi-auto trigger system, a longer ported barrel, an external bottom line adapter, velocity adjustment and a generally a b

Raptor Silver Eagle Paintball Gun Review
  • Works with carbon dioxide (C02)
  • Semi-automatic system
  • External velocity adjuster
  • Double finger trigger
  • Air Source Adapter (ASA)
  • External bottom line adapter

Raptor Eagle Paintball Gun Features and Benefits

Design & Build

The Silver Eagle is among the second generation Raptors that received a complete overhaul on its design. Unlike the previous Raptors that featured unconventional gun designs, the Silver Raptor comes with a new and improved design that does not deviate much from current markers, despite being an old marker. It is constructed from a lightweight and durable aerospace grade aluminum alloy and features a silver mirrored finish, where it derives its name. 

This a major upgrade that adds a bit of realism to this marker. Previous Raptors were constructed from plastic, which when coupled with the unconventional design did not look or feel like the real thing and were very fragile. The Silver Eagle also includes a full wrap around grip with a custom designed cutlass style trigger guard that offers comfort and tight non-slip grip. It also comes with a double finger trigger and an Air Source Adapter (ASA) system with an external bottom line adapter. 

Its predecessors did not include an ASA system, instead they featured C02 cartridges that were installed at the rear end of the marker. With the exception of the plastic trigger handle, all the other components of this marker are constructed from the aluminum alloy, including the feed neck and the barrel. This bow is therefore very durable and impervious to all weather conditions in the field. Being an entry level paintball gun, the Raptor Silver Eagle is not feature packed, but it is a solid marker that is super easy to use and maintain.

Raptor Eagle Paintball Gun Performance

Compared to current beginner level paintball guns that feature ultra-fast speed and longer range, this marker does not stand a chance. However, the Silver Eagle is no slouch and can still holds its own in the battlefield. It comes with a better double finger trigger that offers smooth and crisp shots with less creep. It was upgraded to a semi-auto to counter the limitations of the previous pump Raptor guns that required you to cock the pump handle located at the barrel, before shooting a round which made them slower and tedious.

The smooth trigger allows you to make as many shots as your fingers can press. It features a firing rate of up to 7 rounds per second and a long range of up to 150 feet, which is really not much different from current entry level markers. It also comes with a self-locking velocity adjustment that enables you to set the speed of the paintballs. The fact that it utilizes refillable C02 cylinder, instead of 12 grams C02 cartridges means that you can use this marker for longer duration than its predecessors.

The major challenge of previous Raptor Eagles was that they came with their own hoppers and could not be used with any other hopper. A missing or damaged hopper would mark the end of the gun. This problem was further compounded by the fact that the hoppers were made of delicate plastic that were very fragile and prone to breakages. Brass Eagle addressed this problem on the Silver Eagle by making it compatible with various hoppers and even included an aluminum feedneck to get rid of the brittle nature of plastic feednecks. 

In addition, it comes with a power feed that help prevent paintballs from cramming on the feedneck, speeding up the rate at which the paintballs drop into the chamber. The longer aluminum barrel with porting at the end improves range and accuracy and allows for quieter shots. It also features a bit of recoil or kickback, which does not affect its accuracy and amateur shooters can get used to it fast. The Raptor Silver Eagle is an excellent gun for short range shooting and new shooters will easily get acquainted with its simple design.

Raptor Eagle Paintball Gun Customizability 

Another important feature of the Silver Eagle is its customizability, a feature that its predecessors did not have. Its simple design allows you to strip it down and replace worn out parts. Generally, this gun is very sturdy and most of its parts will stand the test of time. The only part that is likely to require more replacements is the valve O-ring, which breaks down after around 15000 or so shots according to our estimates. Also, the ball detent is not of the best quality and is prone to double feeding, which result to ball jams and breakages.

Raptor Eagle Paintball Gun Maintenance

Maintenance of this gun is super easy and not much different from other mechanical markers. The first step is to de-gas the gun before any maintenance is done to prevent misfires that may lead to injuries. Simply disconnect the ASA, followed by the hopper. Then, dry fire the gun towards a safe direction to get rid of paintballs in the breech and the gun will be safe for maintenance. Cleaning the barrel is very easy, just pass a barrel swab or squeegee through it to get rid of debris and broken paint. 

Cleaning the exterior of this marker is also very important to keep it tidy. The fact that it has a silver mirror finish means that this gun is likely to project dirt more profoundly than other finishes. Assuming that you have already disassembled the marker, you can then clean the hammer and bolt by wiping them with a towel. Inspect the O-rings, screws and the springs to ensure that they are still okay. 

If everything is okay, you can move to lubricating the parts. If any part is damaged, then you have no option but to replace the damaged parts before resuming on maintenance. Failure to do so would result to poor performance. For instance, damaged O-rings will reduce the speed of shots due to air leakages. Consequently, you will spend more money on frequent refills due to the air leakages. Regular inspection of the whole gun is therefore very important.

Raptor Eagle Paintball Gun Durability

As already mentioned, the Silver Eagle is very sturdy and durable thanks to its aerospace grade aluminum alloy body with a silver mirrored finish. The place that takes the most beating in a paintball gun is the feedneck, which Brass Eagle addressed by replacing a feeble plastic version with a more durable aluminum one. You will probably have a problem with the O-rings that will break down after very many shots. Other than that, this is a very solid marker that is definitely a big step up from the previous plastic Raptors.

Raptor Eagle Paintball Gun Drawbacks

The Silver Eagle comes with one major weakness – it only shines in short range shooting. This is not much of a problem in target practice, but in a real paintball game you may be disadvantaged when facing faster markers with longer range. It is also less accurate than current markers and comes with less customizable options. In addition, it is a very old marker, which means that it is quite hard to find in the market.

The drawbacks I have mentioned are not in any way used to diminish this marker. In fact, this marker was very well received back then when the standards were a bit low. However, times have changed and paintball technology has seen leaps and bounds in the last decade. Older markers, including the Silver Eagle have been eclipsed by faster and more accurate markers. It is due to this reason that I can only recommend the Silver Eagle for target practice and or recreational use at home. I do not recommend its use for tournaments or at any competitive level.


  • Sturdy and durable aluminum body
  • Features a power feed system
  • High accuracy in short ranges
  • Durable aluminum feedneck
  • Customizable
  • Cheapest paintball gun


  • Outdated paintball gun
  • Low accuracy
  • Low rate of fire
  • Hard to find in the market

Final Conclusion 

With the recent advancement in paintball gun technology, the Silver Eagle may be easily overlooked as a primary marker in the battlefield. However, it was a solid marker back then when technology was not as advanced as it is today. It is a great reminder of how far paintballs have come and a great vintage choice to add to your arsenal. Also, if you are a collector, you can always store it and show it your friends as an antique paintball gun. the Raptor Silver Eagle is a solid beginner level marker that really shines in short range shooting.

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