How to properly Clean and Maintain your paintball gun

How to properly Clean and Maintain your paintball gun?

It is fundamental to keep your paintball gun in excellent condition; in this manner, it is necessary to realize how to take good care of a paintball weapon. On the off chance that your gun is grimy, it might stick and may result in lesser accuracy when firing, and paintballs may even break inside the barrel.

Fortunately, it is effortless to deal with a paintball gun, and you will need a couple of straightforward supplies which can be easily gotten online.


However, you need proper maintenance and care to make your maker perform well.

A paintball gun is an excellent investment, so you’ll need to keep it clean and in working request. It will be so awful if you have an important day of woodsball, to jump on the field and discover your firearm is spilling or won’t shoot!

Practically every paintball gun has various features and capacity; however, there are some fundamental functions in each weapon that must be taken care of by utilizing the following maintenance tips.

✅ Make use of the owner’s manual and disassemble only when needed.

Make a point to peruse the proprietor’s manual for any maintenance and cleaning guidelines explicit to your marker. One important detail to search for in the manual is the kind of oil required to clean the oiling components of the gun.

While it’s imperative to clean and fix as required, don’t dismantle the firearm more frequently than would generally be appropriate. It’s too easy to couple the parts inaccurately or even lose one of the bolts at the time of re-coupling.

Oil frequently but not excessively

Check your gun’s manual, because many will determine a specific oil or grease to be utilized. The right sort of oil usually is modest and has the most capacity to expand the life and nature of your firearm.

Before interactivity, make a point to oil the front and back jolt O-ring. Use oil explicitly made for paintball weapons because different kinds can harm the O-rings.

N.B Toning it down would be ideal with regards to oil.

A lot of oil will assemble after some time and cause delays in the task. However, this perfect measure of oil is only enough to coat the seals.

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✅ Clean after use.

Clean the marker thoroughly after each utilization, yet make a point to expel your Co2 or HPA tank first. Wipe down the outside of your weapon after ongoing a gameplay to evacuate all paint. Avoid using soap, concoction chemicals, or wash materials that are excessively too abrasive.

To clean your paintball gun, you will need:

  • Your gun’s schematic
  • Toothbrush or Q Tips
  • Paper towels
  • Allen keys
  • Squeegees
  • Water (warm)
  • Lubricant

✅ When cleaning your paintball gun, you should follow these steps carefully:

(a)De-gas your gun
To prepare for fizzling and misfiring, you have to guarantee there is no gas in your paintball gun. More so, take out the fuel canister and find its ASA switch. If your marker is without an ASA switch, you should check the guidance manual about how to de-gas your firearm appropriately. In case you’re searching for an elective action to get away from the dreary movements of a treadmill, paintball enables players to encounter a full scope of developments like running, climbing, dodging and tiptoeing behind adversaries.

(b)Disassemble your gun
Disassemble your weapon cautiously. Unscrew the bolt, mallet, barrel and grasp frame, putting each sort aside out with its latches as they are removed. This will assist you in placing your marker back together again more effectively and quickly.

(c)Clean the body
Check your manual to find whether you can run a squeegee through the body of your marker. On the off chance that you can, then do as directed, then follow up with a wet toothbrush or a Q Tip to verify that the whole body has been gotten out to forestall any sticking. When you have done this, wipe down the body utilizing a paper towel to ensure that it is all altogether dry.

(d)Clean the barrel
Utilize the draw through squeegee, to clean any paint buildup from out of the barrel as this may diminish your shooting accuracy and may cause jamming. Then, wipe down the barrel utilizing a moist paper towel and guarantee that the barrel is altogether dried.

(e)Clean the hammer and bolt
Clean the hammer and bolt appropriately with a paper towel and after that dry both altogether. Check the two pieces’ O-Rings to check whether there are any indications of mileage. What’s more, if there is a modest quantity of wear, any moderate or substantial harm is an indication that you should supplant the parts.

(f)Clean the grip frame
Clear any flotsam and jetsam from the grip frame with a toothbrush or a Q Tip, however never dismantle the trigger gathering as it is muddled to do and might be challenging to assemble back.  After cleaning the grip frame, you should dry it all together and check it cautiously for any indication of harm.

However, during gameplay, be cautious when playing in wet or sloppy conditions and attempt to keep an excessive amount of water or mud from reaching your weapon. If it got exposed to earth, dirt, or water, dismantle it to wipe the internal parts. Ensure it is scorched before reassembling.

At times you’ll additionally need to remove the barrel and clean its inside with a squeegee and some water. A lot of paint development can heap up and cause issues. Wipe it down again with a dry towel and ensure it is scorched before reassembling

Keep your paintball gun in a safe place

After the cleaning exercise is completed, oil your marker to anticipate rust. Ensure the trigger is in the safety mode, and the barrel plug is set up in place, at that point empty and evacuates the air supply.

Keep it in a protected, dry spot, out of direct daylight. The tank is particularly inclined to warmth and sun harm since Co2 grows in high temperatures.

Replace the faulted parts

On the off chance that your firearm is having operational issues, the main thing you ought to do is beware of the Co2 bottle, batteries and the O-rings. The most widely recognized issues can be fixed permanently by changing these parts.

Ensure the Co2 bottle isn’t unfilled and check for valve issues, or test out the marker with another bottle. If the weapon is spilling close to the container, the Co2 bottle O-ring most likely should be replaced. You ought to likewise routinely check the O-rings for any cuts, tears, or openings that air could get past similarly as a preventive measure.

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