Empire Bt4 Assault Paintball Gun Review

The Empire Bt-4 Assault paintball gun is a semi-automatic mechanical marker that is part of the legendary BT series that also includes the Bt-4 Combat, Bt-4 SWAT and Bt-4 Slice paintball guns. Its ease of use makes it a great beginner level gun that will convert an amateur into a seasoned pro in no time. Consequently, its high performance allows it to be used at the pro and competitive levels. 

It comes with all the standard features utilized on all Bt paintball guns. Some of the notable features include M-4 style barrel system, velocity adjuster, collapsible car stock and an adjustable front grip. Here is a detailed review of the Bt4 Assault Paintball Gun.

  • Works with carbon dioxide or compressed air
  • Removable grip frame
  • External velocity adjuster
  • Tactical collapsible car stock
  • M-4 style barrel system
  • M-4 style rearsight and carrying handle
  • Offset slide-away feed port
  • Modular trigger system
  • Dual picatinny mounting rails
  • Adjustable vertical front grip
  • Selecta barrel adapter

Empire Bt4 Assault Features and Benefits

Design and Build

The Bt-4 Assault has a sturdy and durable body that is constructed from aluminum with an impact resistant baked on coating, which allows it to withstand all the tough conditions in the field. It features an M-4 style barrel, 12 inches in length with A5 threading that gives it a mean and intimidating look. It comes with an adjustable front grip that allows you to move to it your preferred position for the perfect balance.

The front grip is also removable making it possible to attach a bipod or other accessories on the bottom picatinny rail. It has a stainless steel bottom line with the removable ASA at the bottom of the trigger, a tactical collapsible car stock and a modular trigger system with a removable grip frame. The top includes a picatinny rail and attached on it is an M-4 style carrying handle that is removable to give way for other accessories.

It also comes with a slightly offset feed port that is also removable to allow easy cleaning and maintenance. Other specs include: an external velocity adjuster, a cocking lever and a safety switch all conveniently placed within arm’s reach on the outside. It is fully clad in tactical black or the digital camo color pattern that blends well in the woods. This paintball gun assault rifle boasts of a very simple down-to-earth design that is not likely to pose any problems for beginners.


The Bt-4 Assault is an exceptional marker with an accuracy range of up to 150 feet. It has an amazing firing rate of 13bps, which is amazing for a mechanical marker. Being a semi-auto, the gun will release balls as fast as you hand is able to pull the trigger and it even features a tournament legal external velocity adjuster that allows you to increase the speed of the paintballs.

This gun is also lightweight and well balanced allowing for easy handling and maneuvering in the battlefield. The tactical collapsible car stock comes with five adjustable positions to match your wingspan, while the adjustable fore grip also allows proper positioning of the fore arm for optimal balance. This Assault paintball gun features a crisp trigger with less creep that facilitates stress-free semi-auto action.

Another great feature is that it works with both carbon dioxide (C02) and compressed air tanks, giving you flexibility to take advantage of both air management systems. The only drawback is that the ASA does not feature an on/off purge system, which makes it a bit hard to uninstall especially for beginners. For more accuracy, it includes an M-4 style rearsight to help you sight in the target and even features a carrying handle for easy transportation. 

The slide-away feed port is offset to the side to give way for a better field of view with the rearsight. The Bt-4 Assault only supports .68 caliber paintballs and A5 threaded barrels. However, the Selecta Barrel Adapter allows it to be used with various multiple threads.

Safety Features

The Bt-4 Assault features a safety switch conveniently placed just above the trigger for easy reach. The safety switch deactivates the trigger preventing accidental firing. Accidental misfires lead to paintball wastages, which result to more refills that cost money. Therefore, the safety switch not only reduces the risk of accidents, but also saves you money. When you are ready to take the shot, just press the safety switch again and the gun will be ready to fire.

Customizability and Upgradability 

The highlight of this rifle is its customizability and upgradability. It comes with two picatinny mounting rails located on top and bottom of the gun. The two picatinny rails allow you to customize it with whichever accessories that will improve your game, such as a scope, flashlight, a laser system or even a tripod.

If the performance of this gun does not meet your preferences, you can always revamp it with better mods and accessories. One of the changes that I propose is to replace the ASA with one that includes an on/off purge system to make it easier to remove. Also, you can upgrade to an electronic trigger system, if the mechanical semi-auto trigger does not work for you.

The trigger comes with a modular setup, which means that you can replace it with an electronic system without the need of switching to an electronic board. It is as simple as just unbolting the frame, pulling out the trigger system and replacing it with an electric version. This gun is highly customizable and you can basically upgrade all the removable parts like the barrel, foregrip and feed port. The fact that it is cheap allows you to make all the changes you desire, without breaking bank.


  • Powerful and accurate gun
  • Customizable and upgradable
  • Lightweight and well-balanced
  • Long range shooting up to 150 feet
  • Adjustable for perfect fit
  • Beautiful and intimidating M-4 design
  • Great price


  • ASA does not feature on/off purge system

If you are looking for a great compact paintball gun, then the Empire  Bt4 Assault is the gun for you.

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Bottom Line

The Bt-4 Assault is an excellent gun to play with in scenario games. It features a mean and intimidating M-4 design and has the speed and power to back up its threatening exterior. It comes with a great price and is also customizable to make it a prized and personal possession. This marker will definitely give you bang for your buck.

Things to Consider When Buying Paintball Gun Assault Rifle

The market is saturated with so many paintball assault rifle guns that it becomes very hard to find the right marker to suit your needs. There are key features that you have to look out for to get the best out of a purchase. Not to be confused with the extra mods and add-ons, these are the standard features that will guarantee that you get a solid marker.  There are a lot of bt-4 assault paintball gun parts are available. 

Type of Marker

Markers are categorized into three: pump, mechanical and electronic. Pump markers are the oldest and work exactly like real shotguns. You have to pump the gun to cock it, before you can shoot the next round. Mechanical markers are more advanced than pump markers. They are the easiest to use and as a result, they are the most used markers in paintball games. Electronic markers are powered by batteries and also feature circuit boards. They are programmable and offer the best performance.


A hopper is a paintball feeding system and is therefore an important consideration. There are four categories of hoppers: magfed, gravity fed, agitating and force-fed. Magfed or magazine fed loaders resemble real gun magazines. Although they add a bit of realism to the marker, their limitation is that they have lower capacity between 10 to 20 rounds.

Gravity fed hoppers are large containers that are connected on top of the marker and use the force of gravity to load the paintballs through a feedneck. They are very cheap and have the largest capacity with a typical hopper carrying up to 200 rounds at a time. Agitating hoppers utilize a propeller to agitate the paintballs to prevent them from jamming on the feedneck. Force-feed hoppers use an impeller to force the balls into the marker for quick re-loads.

Air Management System 

There are two air management systems: carbon dioxide (C02) and compressed air (nitrogen). C02 is the most used air propellant, mostly because it is easily available and is also cheaper. However, C02 has one major weakness – it is affected by temperature fluctuations and it basically freezes in cold weather. Nitrogen, which is used in HPA tanks is more reliable than C02 as it is not affected by weather. The HPA tanks however are more expensive and not readily available.

Customizability and Upgradability

Always go for a marker that is both customizable and upgradable. Paintball guns come with different designs that it is highly unlikely that you will get one that fully meets all your needs. Even if you do get one as an amateur, chances are the gun will lose its appeal when you become a pro. Customizability and upgradability allows you to add more mods and accessories to improve the appearance and performance of your paintball gun.

Type of Game

You might want to factor in the type of game you will be playing, before deciding which marker to purchase. Markers are designed for different games. For instance, a good speedball marker can be completely inefficient in scenario and milsim games. That is why I recommend you look for a highly customizable and upgradable marker, as you can always build it up to perform at any competitive level. 

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