Dangerous Power G5 Paintball Gun Review: Great for Beginners

The Dangerous Power G5 comes from a line of great paintball guns by Dangerous Power. Unlike its predecessors however, this marker has been revamped with great features to make it a top tier paintball gun. Although it is listed for beginners, it comes with exceptional performance that will go toe-to-toe with any medium level paintball gun. It utilizes a combination of aesthetics and Dangerous Power’s ingenuity and latest technology to make it one of the best paintball guns in the market. Here is a detailed Dangerous Power G5 Paintball Gun review. 

Dangerous Power G5 Paintball Gun Review
  • 200 psi operating pressure
  • 280 fps velocity
  • Powered by 9V battery
  • .68 caliber paintball size 
  • Weighs approximately 1.9 pounds
  • 19.5 inches full length
  • 13-inch stock barrel
  • 4 firing modes
  • Low pressure stinger frame
  • Operating Pressure Regulator (OPR)
  • Wave trigger
  • Subsonic bolt engine
  • Rapid Air Pressurizing System (RAPS) ASA

Dangerous Power G5 Paintball Gun Features and Benefits

Design and Build

The Dangerous Power G5 comes with a lightweight and compact design that measures 19.5 inches full length (including the 13 inch stock barrel) and weighs a mere 1.9 pounds, making it one of the smallest guns in the market. It is therefore very easy to handle and maneuver with in the battlefield for a lengthy period, without getting tired. Its overall design received a complete makeover from the previous G-series markers to improve its performance and to meet the high industry standards today. 

Dangerous Power G5  body and accents are constructed from a high precision 3-D milled aluminum alloy that makes it strong and durable. The innovative Stringer Frame features a fully programmable micro-switch board, a Subsonic Bolt engine, 7 stationary O-rings and the Operating Pressure Regulator (OPR). It also includes a redesigned Rapid Air Pressurizing System (RAPS) ASA with an on/off purge system that utilizes a flip lever to install/uninstall the HPA tank.

Other amazing features of the Dangerous Power G5 include, a hose free inline regulator design, 9V battery, 4 way adjustable trigger, a sensor eye and a low-rise clamping feedneck. It also comes in a wide variety of great color patterns to match with your gear. The package further includes a ball end Allen key set, Dangerous Power G5 Plus lubricant, an owner’s manual plus a limited warranty. Setup and maintenance is super-easy and as a result, it is highly recommended for beginners who are still finding their way around a marker.


With all the upgraded features, the Dangerous Power G5 does not disappoint in the battlefield. It comes with speed, precision and long range, a lethal combination that will always give you a huge advantage over other players. It operates at a low 200 psi pressure that allows it to conserve air usage, while still maintaining a high velocity of up to 280 feet per second with a superfast firing rate of up to 20 balls per second. The Operating Pressure Regulator (OPR) controls paintball velocity by regulating the amount of airflow.

The Dangerous Power G5 trigger system is definitely one of the highlights of this gun. The trigger can be adjusted manually using a screw into four positions to improve your shooting experience. This electronic gun is also programmable using the power button, which allows you to customize it according to your needs. One of the programmable features that you will most definitely enjoy are the four firing modes (Semi, PSP3, NXL and Millennium) that are easily configured with a touch of a button and a few trigger pulls. You can even reset this gun back to factory settings, how cool is that?

The low pressure inline system achieves consistent and accurate shots, while reducing number of chopped balls. The generous 13-inch barrel increases range and its fluid path allows for consistent trajectory of the balls to the point of target. The fact that it uses compressed air or nitrogen tanks means that this marker is very reliable in all weather conditions, since nitrogen is not affected by temperature fluctuations. It also features the break beam eye sensor that prevents misfiring before the paintball is properly loaded, which helps prevent chopping of the paintballs by the bolt.

Another notable improvement on the Dangerous Power G5 is a newly designed feedneck with a low profile clamping lock that makes installing and uninstalling the feeder so fast and efficient. The feedneck is also constructed from aluminum instead of plastic, which makes it very sturdy to withstand the screwing force that it is subjected to. This is quite commendable, since the feedneck is among the paintball gun parts that experience wear and tear very fast.


Maintenance of the Dangerous Power G5 is very easy and is not much different from other electrical paintball guns. The most important thing is to de-gas the marker before any maintenance is done. This is done simply by disconnecting the ASA, then removing the feeding hopper and dry firing in safe direction to get rid of the remaining paintballs in the breech and air from the OPR.

The manufacturer insists that the gun has to be lubricated after every use, preferably with the DP-40 Plus lube to keep it at optimal level performance-wise. Other areas that require regular maintenance include the eye sensor break beam system, ball detents/springs, operating pressure regulator (OPR) and the valve bolt and back cap. 

These parts are very crucial and have to be cleaned always after use for the marker to perform at a competitive level. For more information about cleaning and maintenance, you can always refer to the marker’s manual. It is very informative and comes with high quality and colorful diagrams with illustrations and even includes a troubleshooting section to help you deal with mechanical malfunctions in the field.


The durability of Dangerous Power G5 stems from the whole aluminum construction on its stringer Frame with heavy duty bracing that makes it impervious to falls and tough conditions in the field. It appears delicate and frail, because of the heavy milling that reduced the weight of the gun to a mere 1.9 pounds with the battery and barrel intact. However, the Dangerous Power G5  is actually very sturdy and even includes a ‘milled lock nut style design’ that guarantees a tight fit with no hanging or moveable parts. 

All parts are aluminum-based, including the delicate feedneck that comes with a clamping lock to keep the feeder snugly secured. Another sensitive area that received a major upgrade is the Rapid Air Pressurizing System (RAPS) ASA system with a locking lever that ensures a tight fit of the HPA tank preventing air leakages. With proper cleaning and maintenance practices, this gun can perform at top level for a very long time.


Another great feature about the Dangerous Power G5 is that it is customizable. Apart from the frame, you can basically strip it bare and then customize it with all the mods and accessories you need, from a simple barrel change to more complex upgrades like the circuit board and the bolt system. The fact that it comes with a great price allows you to set aside the necessary budget for the right upgrades.


One of the major complains lodged against Dangerous Power G5  is that the bolt is prone to sticking, which affects its ability to shoot. While it is assumed that it is a mechanical mishap, over-lubing or under-lubing may be responsible for the sticking. The packaged lube, in my opinion is also really not that good and may be the cause for the sticking problem. A less viscous lube could easily fix the problem. Another drawback is the kickback or recoil that the G5 comes with. 

Though this may seem a trivial issue for a pro-level shooter, for a beginner the recoil may be too much to bear and may even affect his/her game. Also, there are better barrels than the one featured on the G5. Overall, most people consider it as a beginner level paintball gun and others even relegate it to a second option backup gun for other established models.


  • Smooth, crisp and adjustable trigger
  • RAPS ASA with a purge system
  • Low profile clamping feedneck
  • Beautiful design with many color options
  • Lightweight, compact streamlined design
  • Programmable and customizable
  • Four firing modes
  • Exceptional performance
  • Great price


  • Bolt is prone to sticking
  • Comes with some recoil/kickback

Bottom Line

The Dangerous Power G5 paintball gun is without a doubt an excellent marker that is specifically tailored for beginners. However, the excellent performance it provides allows it to be used in both woodsball and speedball games and also at the intermediate level. With all the amazing features it comes with, it is fairly priced giving you more value for every dime you spend on it. This paintball gun is an excellent choice for anyone who loves both style and performance.

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