BT TM-15 Paintball Gun Review

The BT TM-15 is one of the best paintball guns for woodsball and milsim games. Modeled after the Invert Mini, this gun takes paintball gaming to a whole new level. It comes with an intimidating look, which is a foreshadow of what is to come on the battlefield. This pro-level marker boasts of an accuracy range of more than 150 feet, anti-chop technology, and smooth and soundless shots courtesy of Invert Mini’s electro-pneumatic engine. Here is a detailed BT TM-15 paintball gun review.

BT TM-15 Paintball Gun Review
  • 180-200 PSI Operating Pressure
  • Air-Source: Compressed Air/Nitrogen
  • Barrel: 14-inch Ported Barrel
  • Caliber: .68
  • Cycle Rate: 20 bps
  • Accuracy Range: More than 150ft
  • Action: Semi-auto, PSP Burst, and NXL Full Auto
  • Battery: One 9-Volt Alkaline Battery
  • System: Electronic 
  • Shell Material: Magnesium Alloy

BT TM-15 Features and Benefits

Design & Build

The BT TM15 comes with a solid and well-built design that resembles the real HK 416 assault rifle. It boasts of a cast magnesium body that is lightweight and amazingly sturdy and durable. It also features parts constructed with composite materials and aircraft-grade aluminum, which make this gun resistant to all harsh weather conditions and tough military drills you throw at it. It has a 14-inch stock barrel with an all-round picatinny rail shroud that gives it a very intimidating look.
It also features a magazine that doubles as a handle and a battery holder and also adds to the realism of the gun. At the back is an adjustable car stock, while the top includes a picatinny rail, flip-up front and rear sights and a feedneck. Also, the gun comes with an air source adapter (ASA) with an air regulator. Another notable exclusion is an external bottom line adapter that has been replaced with an interior airline. Note that the TM-15 only supports compressed air/nitrogen, using C02 will damage its system.

Empire Battle Tested decided to retain Invert Mini’s electro-pneumatic engine on this gun, transferring the high performance of the Invert Mini to the TM-15. Other great components of this gun include the SlipStream Solenoid, patented valve design, Anti-Chop Breakbeam Eyes and the Hall Effect Sensor Trigger with a Four Position Selector Switch. The TM-15 package also includes Allen Wrenches, spare parts kit, barrel blocking device, one 9 volt battery, one BT Rip-Clip Adapter plus Adapter Screw Kit and a manual. bt tm7

BT TM-15 Performance

The secret behind BT TM-15’s popularity in all scenario games is a high performance that is rivaled by very few markers in the market. One of the best features of this gun is its air efficiency and consistency. The interior airline ensures that no air sips out of the marker, which helps to economize on-air usage. BT TM-15 also operates on low pressure between 180-200 PSI and you even have the benefit of adjusting and visually monitoring the pressure through the gauge on the ASA regulator.
It comes with three firing modes: Semi-auto, PSP Ramping & NXL Full Auto plus a Safety mode, which is activated by a four-position selector switch. The TM-15 is electrically powered by a single 9-volt alkaline battery that is conveniently installed in the magazine. On the right side of the marker is a button that is used to dislodge the magazine for easy installation and replacement of the battery.
The gun also features an LED indicator that is used to indicate the battery life: green means the battery is good, orange means the battery is fairly depleted, while red means the battery is dead. It only utilizes compressed air/nitrogen, which means that you will not experience the limitations of C02, such as poor airflow as a result of temperature fluctuations. Besides, the TM-15 boasts of an adjustable buttstock that allows it to accommodate various wingspans for a comfortable fit.
The rear and front sights are also adjustable to improve the field of view. The sights can be folded down or removed when not in use or even moved anywhere along the top picatinny rail for the perfect FOV. The Hall Effect Sensor Trigger system is one of the best features of the TM-15. It comes with 4 adjustments for activation point, forward movement/stop point, return spring tension and rear movement/stop point for stress-free trigger experience.

Invert Mini’s electro-pneumatic marker engine is the highlight of this gun, as it allows the TM-15 to register one of the smoothest and quietest operations ever recorded in a paintball gun. This gun is very quiet and comes with accuracy, less recoil and a long range of up to 150 feet thanks to the 14-inch barrel. Compared to the highly-rated A-5 Flatline barrel, the TM-15 barrel shines edging the Flatline with more than 10 feet of distance. Your opponents will not stand a chance on the battlefield with this gun, as they will not know what hit them.
Another great feature is the anti-chop break beam eye system. Activated automatically when the marker is turned on, the break beam eye determines the presence or absence of a ball, which helps to reduce paintball breakages and allows consistent rates of fire. You can also adjust the velocity of the shots with an Allen wrench through the bolt guide cap, which allows you to increase (loosen screw) or reduce (tighten screw) the speed of each shot

BT TM-15 Safety Features

The TM-15 comes with safety features to safeguard against injury. The first is the safety mode that is activated by the selector switch. The next feature is the automatic off feature that automatically shuts off the marker after one hour of inactivity. This is a great feature that will not only conserve battery power but also take away your worry when you accidentally leave the gun powered up. Lastly, there is the barrel blocking device, which as its name suggests helps block the barrel by covering its tip.
Besides, there are various safety measures and practices that are clearly outlined in the manual that ought to be followed to the letter to keep you and your loved ones safe.

BT TM-15 Customizability and Upgradability

This gun is both customizable and upgradable for top-notch performance. The fact that it can be stripped down to its constituent parts means that you can upgrade with better mods and accessories for improved performance. It comes with several Picatinny rails on the top and on the barrel shrouds to allow you attach whichever accessories you want like a scope, a red dot sight, laser, tac flashlight, and a bipod.

NOTE that the TM-15 comes with a limited warranty. It does not cover unauthorized modifications or alterations of the gun. Therefore, make sure that the modifications are within the boundaries set by the company.

BT TM-15 Maintenance

o keep the marker performing at an optimum level, cleaning and lubrication are required for all markers. The manufacturer recommends that cleaning and lubrication be done before and after every use. However, before you start cleaning this marker, you have to ensure that all paintballs are out of the chamber by dry firing to a safe location. Then, remove the air tank and ensure the regulator gauge reads 0 psi. Then, install the barrel blocking device and turn off the marker.
A simple damp cloth can be used to wipe clean the exterior of the gun. For a more thorough clean of the shell, disassemble the gun and rinse the shell with hot water. For the interior, use a swab to get rid of debris and broken paint and then grease the parts. Removing the bolt assembly won’t pose a problem since the gun has a reverse draw assembly. Before cleaning the barrel, uninstall it by simply turning it anticlockwise. Then, use warm water and barrel cleaning device to keep it spotless.

These are just general guidelines. For an in-depth look into cleaning and maintenance practices, you can always refer to the manual.


  • Lightweight and durable design
  • Air efficient and very economical
  • Longer battery life
  • Offers accuracy and longer range
  • Very quiet
  • Adjustable collapsible stock
  • Anti-chop technology
  • Three firing modes
  • Customizable and upgradable
  • All-weather gun


  • Limited warranty
  • Velocity adjustment is a bit tedious

Final Conclusion 

The BT TM-15 is an exceptional paintball gun that will always give you an edge over your competitors. It comes with long-range, accuracy and crisp quiet operation that will capture everyone unaware. It is also customizable to allow you to showcase all the mods and accessories you like. It comes with the full package to keep you performing at a high level. The TM-15 will give you bang for your buck.

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