If you are a fun of paintball scenario games, a paintball pistol is a must have weapon. Here we shows the Best Paintball Pistol you can use it as a backup plan to your advantage especially in cases where players are permitted to have more than one marker. In such play offs you can play mind games and out shine your opponents. However, can only be fun when you have the right paintball pistol. Better still, if you are new in this sport and want to up your game, you will find a best paintball pistol a very handy tool sharpen your skills. Actually, many pro players prefer to practice using pistols since it has a low firing rate. In the end, they will assess their performance in relation to accuracy depending on the number of players that they have eliminated.

Now that you have made up your mind that you want to buy a best paintball pistol, there are certain features that you should look for before parting with your money so that you can get much out of it. For instance you should check the number of rounds that it can from a single CO2 cartridge since most of them are usually powered by a 12-gram CO2. In addition, it is pertinent to check its capability or performance in terms of firing rate per second and shooting range. The other consideration to look at is the design and nature of construction materials, since they are usually hidden in liable body positions and frequent adjustments, or mishandling can easily subject them to damage.

With these questions in mind, you will have a clear picture on which pistol to buy and what benefits comes along with it. Other considerations that you also need to look at include; provision for Picatinny rails, velocity adjustment, ergonomics, adjustable rear sight to mention a few. To make this task even simpler, we have selected for you top 5 best paintball pistols of 2019 that are worth your consideration.

The Walther PPQ M2 is must have paintball pistol that features in our list. This .43 caliber marker is ergonomically designed with the user in mind. As a matter of fact, Walther TA4 fires and feels exactly like a real handgun. Its construction includes a metallic slide and barrel, a polymer finish on the grip, and an 8 round drop metallic magazine. It is because the realism that the law enforcement use it for shooting practice.

When it comes to firing and performance, Walther PPQ M2 can fire 8bps on the maximum from a 12-gram CO2 cartridge that is housed in the magazine. The CO2 cylinder can be loaded up to 3 times which means the TA4 PPQ M2 can fire at most about 24 shots. To deliver accurate smooth shots, this pistol include a pneumatic blowback mechanism that gives you a wider shooting preference. With this feature, you can switch into different balls like pepper-shots balls, powdered balls, rubber balls and paintballs.

Another great feature with the Walther TA4 PPQ M2 that you are likely not to find in most other paintball pistol is the fixed fore sight and adjustable rear sight. With this provision, you can increase its accuracy level by ensuring the aim and impacts points are aligned (commonly referred as pistol zeroing). Lastly, on the lower side of the barrel is picatinny rail where you can mount additional features like laser or flashlight.

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  • Ergonomic polymer Walther grip and slide separators on barrel that ensure it doesn’t slip off from hand
  • Intuitively position magazine release that can easily be moved by the thumb fiber
  • 3 dot sight with adjustable rear sight for better accuracy
  • Safety lock to prevent accidental firing
  • Delay trigger action that makes it feel like you are pulling it twice
  • Small magazine capacity. It only holds 9 paintballs
Walther TA4 PP1 M2 Paintballaudit Review

Generally, many players have praised the Walther PPQ M2 for its great realism that makes it indistinguishable from a real pistol. The only issue with this marker is small magazine capacity

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The Tippman TiPX is the improved version of its earlier predecessor with more additional features for great performance. Tippmann always be our top paintball gun list. This .68 caliber semiautomatic marker is lightweight and compact in design. Tippman TiPX also has a perfect handgrip that gives you the experience of what it feels like to hold a real handgun. The high-density polymer construction and metallic trigger makes the Tippman TiPX highly durable which means you can use it in any given condition. Moreover, the Tippman TiPX clamshell split receiver design makes it very simple to disassemble its pieces within seconds during cleaning and maintenance.

Another great feature that you will definitely love about the Tippman TiPX  is that it comes with a 12gram CO2 under the barrel that is fitted along with the Picatinny rails. This means you can add your favorite upgrades and personalize anyhow you want for great performance. When it comes to efficiency, the markers comes fitted with a spool valve system that optimizes air consumption for great performance and also cuts refilling cost.

In terms of performance, the Tippmann TiPX paintball pistol is capable of fringing up to 8bps. In addition, this marker comes with provision for velocity adjustment button placed on the external. With this feature, you can easily adjust the shooting speed depending on the range and field condition. Moreover, this marker includes a 2-True Feed magazine each holding 7 rounds. With maximum speed adjustment, it can shoot between 12 to 14 rounds for every CO2 cartridge. It is also very easy to plan ahead in relation to how you shoot since the ammo window enables you to clearly see the number of paintballs you are left with.

Paintball Audit Review
  • Lightweight compact design that offers great handling experience
  • Reduced recoil and very accurate
  • Very easy to use and maintain
  • High-grade polymer and metallic trigger for more durability
  • Provision for velocity adjustment
  • Its magazine holds few rounds
  • It’s not fully automatic, it can only fire 1 shot for every single pull on the trigger
Tippmann TiPX Paintball Audit Review

Generally, many aficionados that have shared their experience on the Tippman TiPX are happy about its compact lightweight design that gives you a great handling experience that doesn’t slip easily from hand. Moreover, it has received a lot of praise for being a reliable paintball pistol. The only major concern raised about this pistol is that its magazine holds only 14 rounds.

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As its name suggests, RAP4 RAM X50 is a small lightweight marker that weighs approximately 2 pounds with all parts assembled making it very easy to handle. For this reason, it is highly recommended to entry-level players and kids that have shown a lot of interest in paintball and want to perfect in this sport by the time they are adults. Speaking of durability, this marker has a weatherproof casing and an aluminum barrel; therefore, you don’t have to be extra careful not to break when abused.

Considering RAP4 RAM X50 size, one can easily mistake the Empire Mini for a low performer. Well, this marker has outperformed some of the giant markers you know. The Empire mini is capable of firing 20 shots per second from its intuitively positioned self-lubricating trigger with the provision of 3 points adjustment. These ergonomic features help you to adjust it to a perfect grip and also reduce friction as you shoot your opponents. Lastly but not least, the Empire Mini offers different firing mode namely ramping, full auto, semi-auto and PSP.


Paintball Audit Review
  • Shoots really fast
  • Great durability
  • Multiple firing modes
  • Self-lubricating adjustable trigger
  • Great touch for people with small hands
  • Uses lightweight small paintballs that can be affected by strong wind.
  • Not accurate on distant targets while using paintball
  • It’s quite expensive when compared to other paintball pistol within its range
RAP4 RAM X50 Pistol Audit Review

The RAP4 RAM X50 is loved by many for its striking resemblance and performance like real handgun. The major drawback with it is that it’s not accurate on distance target which means that you have to move closer to your target. This is likely to expose your to your enemies.

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The JT ER2 is a pump action pistol that is most appropriate for paintball starters that are searching for a budget friendly marker that they can use for practice. JT ER2 is also worth a consideration to funs searching for pump action marker with ability to deliver smooth shots. The most amazing thing about this pistol is that it includes Anti-Chop technology that ensures it fires consistently without jamming.

JT ER2 includes and an inline feed mechanism that enhances its performance. Still on performance, the JT ER2 is capable of firing up to 5bps. Like most other paintball pistols, it include a 12g CO2 cartridge and a spring that propels paintballs through the barrel. The most unique thing about this marker that isn’t common with other is that it has quite a long barrel that helps to improve its accuracy and overall shooting performance.

The JT ER2 kit  includes C02 cartridge, barrel plug, and 3 paintball tubes each holding 10 paintballs. With each 12-gram CO2 cartridge, on average you can shoot up to 25 paintballs. The main concern about this marker is that the JT ER2 is a pump action pistol which means that you have to cock it every time you fire a shot. This makes it louder and it may sometimes leak thereby making it easy for your opponent to tell your hiding position.

Paintball Audit Review
  • It is very simple to use for any layman person
  • Fires smooth shots without jamming
  • Highly affordable marker with great features
  • It is slow compared to other markers with semiauto capability.
  • Not durable
  • Its louder which can make you an easy target


JT ER2 Paintballaudit Review

Players that have used the JT ER2 before are happy about its great features at low cost particularly smooth shots. However, this marker is slow and only suitable for practice and not tournaments.

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If you are searching for a great performance paintball pistol to use as a backup plan in serious competion, search no further for the Kingman training eraser paintball marker will get you covered. The most unique feature about this marker is that it employs Reversal Striker Valve system by Kingman. This technology helps to enahance its accuracy on the target and its overall performance.

To ensure longevity, Kingman training eraser paintball marker external is made from high grade aluminium. All you have to care about is shooting your target since it hardly breaks with little mishandling. The rough texture on the grip and its weight make its feel like a real pistol and fits well in hand.

The Kingman training eraser paintball marker is propelled by a 12g CO2 cylinder with each cylinder firing up to 80 paintballs. The marker can fire up to a maximum of 9 paintballs per second and shoots as far as 250 feet. Moreover, it come with an external velocity adjuster that makes it easy to change shooting speed for best accuracy depending on range and field condition.

Paintball Audit Review
  • Its design and construction makes it feel like a real pistol  
  • Highly durable alluminium construction
  • High firing rate and long range
  • External velocity adjuster
  • Highly senstive trigger that can fire accidently with a slight pull
Kingman Training Eraser Paintball audit review

Many people that have used this marker are very contended about its great performance when it comes to firing rate and long shooting range. Another lovable feature with this marker is its efficiency on CO2 that can fire more paintballs when compared to other paintball pistols. The only thing that you may not like about it is its high trigger sensitivity that can cause it go off with just a slight pull on the trigger.

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The General advantages of paintball pistols:


The following are the main pros of paintball pistols over the usually markers

  • They are light in weight hence very easy to carry
  • Small in size and can easily fit in holster  
  • Doesn’t include a hopper making it very easy to maneuver with in woodsplay
  • It fires smoothly and hardly jams
  • They are very great choice for a backup weapon
  • Very simple to maintain

General cons

  • Paintball pistol magazine holds very few rounds
  • The air capacity for many paintball pistol is 12grams that hardly last hence additional expense on refill
  • Paintball pistols have a low firing rate and range hence not appropriate for use in serious tournaments

Best Paintball Pistol Final Thoughts

As you have read from our list of best paintball pistol of 2019, most of these guns comes with great features on performance that you will definitely love. If you are searching for a much simpler pistol for a start, the JT ER2 Pump Action Pistol is the most appropriate choice. This marker is very simple to use by any level player with rough idea about guns. Furthermore, it is highly affordable with free 3 paintball tubes each having 10 paintballs adding to 30. You will hardly get this in other paintball pistols.

If you are a fun of scenario games and searching for a tournament paintball pistol, the Kingman Training Eraser, Walther TA4 PPQ M2, and Tippman TiPX are the best selections worth your consideration. Firstly, these markers are ergonomically designed with the user in mind. They come with a perfect handgrip that fits well in hand and they fell more real. In addition, these markers have a higher firing rate and long shooting range. Other shared features include external velocity adjuster, metallic built, and Picatinny rails for additional attachments.

If you are an intermediate player searching for an average pistol, the RAP4 RAM X50 is highly recommended. This marker is metallic built and feels like a real pistol in handling. Its firing rate is average and its highly accurate on short-range target. The major issues with this marker is that its not very accurate in distant target.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

1.How old do I need to play paintball? 

You have to be at least 10 years to play paintball. However, any person bellow the age of 18 should have a signed waiver for a guardian.

2.What do I need to do to win?

You must have a lot of enthusiasm and desire to learn new skills in this sport. To win in this sport you must hit your opposing team and avoid being hit.


3. Can I play if I am pregnant? 

Paintball is high endurance sports that is very demanding physically. You risk complications associated with pregnancy such as miscarriage and bleeding and therefore not recommended sport for expectant mothers.


4. Does the paint easily wash out?

Absolutely yes, as a matter of fact, paintballs are food grade non-caustic gelatin capsules that are very easy to clean just like any other dirt on clothing.


5. Is there special protective equipment to be worn while playing paintball?

This being a physical endurance sports, it is possible to get such injuries like bruises, cuts, foreign objects in the eyes just to mention a few. For your safety, you should always ensure that you were approved grade personal protective equipment. These include; whole face/head protection (goggles, face mask, and helmet), hand gloves, safety boots, camouflage combat suit, and waist battle pack.

6. Does it hurt when hit?

Well, this one of the most frequently asked question. Yes, it does hurt but only a little. However, this will depend on distance. If shot at close range it will hurt a little more compared to a distant range.


7. How long does it take to play paintball?

The duration of time will depend on the number of participants and the size of the field. This will also depend on the level of players experience. Generally, this may take between 3 to 20 minutes on average.


8. Do I need to sign a waiver for my child?

Any child that wants to play must have a waiver signed by a parent or guardian.


9. Are there any other extra items that I can bring?

We advise players to bring extra items like bug spray, warm gloves, sunscreen, and lip balm while playing in certain environmental conditions.


10. What happens before the game starts?

Before the battle starts, the teams will be divided into two. This will be followed by an induction safety talk and a confirmation on whether all players have the right protective gears. Thereafter the battle starts.


11. What should I expect in a paintball bout?

Firstly, you should be ready to observe the rules of the game. You should be very keen on instructions and additional information like the location of the dead zone, the objective of the game, and time. Going contrary to the objectives and rule of the sport can get you eliminated.


12. How do I know when the objectives are complete?

This will be communicated to all players when one team has achieved all the set objectives. But before that, don’t remove your face mask until the cover is placed on the barrel. 


We are certain that you will pick the best paintball pistol that is worth the value for the money from our list of best paintball pistols of 2019. We have carefully selected and analyzed the latest paintball pistols with amazing features that you will definitely love. We hope that you will have a very great time and memorable experience from the choice you have made.


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