Best Paintball Masks for Woodsball

Best Paintball Masks for Woodsball

As a paintball player, it is important to invest in one of the best paintball masks available. While they may make you look cool and intimidating in the field, the main purpose of paintball masks is to protect your face and head from injury. This is especially important for woodsball games, which feature powerful markers that may easily cause severe injuries. 

In fact, paintball face masks are among the few accessories that are mandatory in all tournaments. Failure to bring one will automatically disqualify you from participating in the games or even getting into the venue.

Here are the best paintball masks for Woodsball:

The 5 Best Paintball Masks for Woodsball

  1. Virtue VIO Extend
  2. Empire EVS Thermal
  3. DYE I5 Thermal
  4. JT Spectra Flex 8
  5. Tippmann Intrepid

Virtue VIO Extend

The VIO Extend is an excellent woodsball mask that offers increased face coverage, especially at the mouth and jaw area. It is fully constructed from the flexible 100% elastomer, which together with the interior foam padding and the adjustable goggle strap allow for a comfortable and snugly fit. It comes with heavy venting that facilitate easy airflow and voice projection for stress-free communication in the battle field.

It also features high density soft foam ear pads that offer better acoustics performance without echoing. The large thermal lens utilized on this mask offers an exceptionally large field of view. The thermal lens includes dual pane and multiple coatings that prevent fogging to maximize image clarity and perception. Aside from protection against paintballs, the lens also keeps you safe from UV rays and is scratch resistant. The Virtue VIO Extend is also customizable, as you can replace the lens and the interior foam paddings.


  • Lightweight and comfortable mask
  • Offers breathability and proper air circulation
  • Anti-fogging and shock absorbent
  • Wide peripheral FOV
  • Customizable with replaceable foam paddings
  • UV light protection


  • Does not include a visor
  • Low profile design, requires more head protection

Empire EVS Thermal

Named as the world’s first ‘smart paintball mask’, the EVS utilizes cutting edge technology to offer protection without sacrificing aesthetic value. It comes with a spherical lens that offers 270 degrees of FOV and is thermal-treated to make it impervious to fogging. The lens also features multiple coatings that offer protection against UV rays, scratches and abrasions.

Its interior boasts of a replaceable triple density foam that easily wicks sweat and moisture and allows for a comfortable fit. It also features an ultra-soft earpiece that offers maximum comfort to the ears, without affecting your ability to hear. The heavy venting allow for improved ventilation and communication, while the silicone-based head strap allows for a secure non-slip fit.

The highlight of this Empire paintball mask is that it is compatible with the Recon Snow2 heads-up display that allows you to connect and view the status of your marker, such as rate of fire, shot count and battery level. It also supports Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and GPS connectivity. It comes with a wide array of colors to select from.


  • Can be upgraded to a high-tech mask
  • Wide peripheral field of vision
  • Lightweight and sturdy design
  • Replaceable triple density foam
  • Anti-fog lens that protects against UV rays
  • Suitable for large headed players


  • Relatively expensive, especially with the add-ons
  • Low profile design, requires more head protection

DYE I5 Thermal

The DYE I5 comes with a lot of great color schemes that it rightfully falls among the cool paintball masks. Beauty aside, the DYE I5 includes all the bells and whistles featured in all the highest rated masks. It has a thermal-treated lens that is resistant to fogging and offers a wide FOV of up to 290 degrees. It is padded with open cell multi-layer foam on its interior that is ultra-soft to the skin allowing for a comfortable snugly fit.

The GSR Pro Strap utilizes the GSR Gear Lock System plus extra wide head pads to keep the mask firmly secured on your head. The highlight of this mask is that it is compatible with the state of the art eVoke system that transmits valuable info via a wireless audio connection to help you run drills. The DYE I5 also features a POV camera mount to help you capture all magical moments in the battle field. It is well vented for proper ventilation and voice projection.


  • Wide peripheral field of vision
  • Ultimate comfort and tight fit
  • Anti-fog dual-pane thermal lens
  • UV ray protection
  • A dial adjustable GSR Pro Strap
  • Replaceable soft compression foam
  • eVoke compatibility
  • POV camera mount


  • Expensive
  • Requires additional protection for top and back of the head

JT Spectra Flex 8

The Spectra Flex 8 is a full head paintball mask that offers protection on all parts of the head, including the top and back. It features nicely placed vents throughout the mask that allow easy breathability, communication and proper air circulation to ensure that the mask does not get uncomfortably hot in the field. Despite being a very hard and rigid mask on the outside, which really helps when it comes to wading off paintballs, it includes soft foam paddings on the inside that offer soft and comfy fit.

The JT paintball mask also features a dual pane thermal lens that offers a wide peripheral view of up to 260 degrees. The thermal lens is also fog proof and can be worn with glasses, without visual distortions and errors. To keep the mask firmly secured on the head, it features an adjustable goggle strap with silicone beads.

In addition, the Spectra Flex 8 comes with an adjustable knob that allows you to change its size to accommodate larger heads. And if you feel that your head is too confined, you can always take the top off. It comes with three color options: olive, black and camo and is one of the most budget friendly paintball masks in the market.


  • Offers full head coverage
  • Wide peripheral field of view
  • Sturdy and comfortable design
  • Adjustable size to include larger heads
  • Anti-fogging lens
  • Highly ventilated for easy breathability and air circulation
  • Budget friendly and customizable


  • Few customizable options
  • Some people complain of the hard earpieces

Tippmann Intrepid

The Tippmann Intrepid is another excellent choice for full head coverage with an extended face skirt that provides safety to the chin, jaw and ears. It is also heavily vented to ensure constant movements of air in and out of the mask for extra comfort during a heated woodsball game. It comes with a spherical dual-layered lens that is thermal-treated to prevent fogging and image distortions.

The spherical design of the lens offers a larger peripheral vision, while the included detachable visor wades off direct sunlight keeping your FOV as clear as possible. Its interior is lined with three layers of foam that offer both comfort and secure fit. The lenses and visors are removable for easy cleaning and can be replaced when they wear out. The face mask is also large enough to support a compatible set of glasses.


  • Very cheap
  • Offers comfortable and snug fit
  • Lens is replaceable
  • Wide peripheral field of view
  • Offers full head coverage
  • Detachable visor


  • Beginner level mask
  • Few customizable options

Things to consider when buying paintball masks

Paintball games come with lots of hits and smudges that may lead to severe head injuries, especially on delicate organs like eyes and ears. It is due to this reason that paintball masks are very important in all paintball games to provide safety. Here are things to consider when buying paintball masks.


The mask should be comfortable enough to be worn for a long time. It should offer a snugly fit, without being too tight or loose to inhibit movements. Always try the mask beforehand to make sure it fits perfectly. Also, consider the weight of the mask to make sure it will not weigh you down in a prolonged woodsball game.


Apart from protecting your eyes from paintballs, the lenses also provide the field of vision (FOV). A larger FOV is always desirable, because it improves your peripheral vision. Spherical lenses are the best standard currently, as they register wider FOVs than flat and narrow lenses. A good lens should also be thermal-treated to make it impervious to fogging and also resistant scratches and abrasions. In addition, look for a lens with UV ray protection and ensure that it does not come with mirroring effect.


The paintball mask should be constructed from durable materials to be able to withstand any tough conditions that are thrown at it. A good mask should have replaceable parts, especially interior foam paddings as they wear out first. This will allow you to use the mask for a long time, without having to replace the whole of it.


Another crucial element of paintball masks is ventilation. You need proper airflow into the mask to prevent too much hot air that may result in sweat build up. The mask should have large vents evenly spread out to facilitate movements of air in and out. It is also crucial to consider the quality of foam paddings inside the mask. They should be able to wick moisture to allow you to stay cool even under extremely hot conditions. The vents should also allow you to breathe easily and communicate effectively.

The most important thing when shopping for a paintball mask is that always try it on to make sure that it fits perfectly and is the right choice. Luckily, they come in so many sizes, designs and colors. You will definitely get one that work perfectly for you.

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