The Best Paintball Gun Review & Rated, 2019 Edition

The Best Paintball Gun Review & Rated, 2019 Edition

Finding the best paintball guns is not an easy job. Perhaps you could have once thought that going for the most expensive high-end paintball gun means that you have the best; well, this is not always the case since there are also highly reliable markers that are within a friendly budget. Therefore, what matters most is getting a marker that not only meets you needs but also helps you get the fun of this sport.

paintball gun review

It feels so great to cause a little pain and give your opponents a hard time in a paintball bout. This is even interesting when you know that besides your combat skills, the gun you are holding is a real workhorse and havoc-wrecking machine. However, this entire fan is only possible when you have the right gun irrespective of the level you are playing.

Paintball aficionados are always driven by the desire to get the most versatile reliable marker that behaves and fires shots exactly as they want it to. However, the search of a great paintball marker isn’t easy even for the most experienced. This entails a lot of research, reading through reviews and customer feedback info to mention a few. Well, we have made this search simple for you by listing Top 10 Best Paintball Gun Reviews of 2019 for both entry and advanced level players.

The Spyder MR 100 is a semiautomatic marker recommended to entry level players who occasionally play paintball as a hobby and aren’t serious about taking this sport to a higher competitive level. It is one of the most affordable markers by Kingman for which reason pro players on a budget prefer it as a backup marker owing to its lightweight and accuracy. What’s even great with this marker is that it comes fitted with Picatinny side rail where you can add upgrades such as laser light to enhance its accuracy.

In addition, the MR 100 comes with an inbuilt EKOTM valve that gives it the ability to fire 1600 balls from a 20 once Carbon dioxide cylinder. This feature also makes it highly efficient in terms of air consumption. Moreover, it comes with velocity adjustment button that is precisely positioned at its back.

This feature allows you to adjust shots velocity and accuracy depending on the shooting range. In terms of performance, this marker is capable of shooting 8 balls per second which is quite much for its price. Its performance is average but can be further enhanced with upgrades. However, as compared to other markers, the Spyder MR 100 is not flexible with most upgrades.

Paintball Audit Review
  • Highly accurate
  • Lightweight
  • Provision for velocity adjustment
  • Picatinny side rail for more add-ons
  • Not durable as compared to other markers. It has a brittle bolt and its O-ring is prone to breaking.
  • Not compatible with most upgrades
Spyder MR 100 ​Paintball audit review

The Spyder MR 100 marker is highly preferred by pundits searching for a low budget gun that offers accuracy. A lot of users are happy about its lightweight design and simplicity in maintenance where you only need push one screw to access its internal parts. The major concern with it is its low durability.

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This marker is the improved version of the 98 custom. It is a great choice for beginners since it is simple to use and maintain. It is also very easy to access and assemble the internal parts. Another plus for this marker is its super durability thanks to its metallic frame while other components are made of high-density plastic. This makes it a great choice for entry level players who are very cautious about breaking their marker, or any other player seeking to invest in a long-lasting marker.

The Tippmann A 5 can be upgraded with an electronic trigger to fire up to 15 bps in 5 different modes. 

The A 5 shares a lot of similarities with the 98 custom. It is very flexible with many upgrades giving you the freedom to customize and make it unique to only you. Besides, you can also add performance upgrades and use it in both beginners and intermediary level competition.

Speaking of performance, its 8.5-inch barrel offers great accuracy at 150 feet range. However, its accuracy can be enhanced further by further extending its barrel to 14 inches. Besides increased accuracy, this will also come along with noise reduction. Lastly but not least, this marker works perfectly well on both CO2 and nitrogen hence giving you hence you can choose to use what is available.

Paintball Audit Review
  • Fires perfectly well on air without batteries
  • Offers 5 different firing mode with electronic upgrades
  • Long barrel that makes it quite in the field
  • Easy to dismantle and assemble
  • Quite heavy
  • No upgrade for barrel
Tippmann A5 ​Paintball audit review

The Tippmann A 5 has received a lot of praise as one of the most durable guns in the market that offers great accuracy and affordability. For this reason, it is highly recommended to starters and intermediate players that are practicing for fun.

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As its name suggests, Empire Mini is a small lightweight marker that weighs approximately 2 pounds with all parts assembled making it very easy to handle. For this reason, it is highly recommended to entry-level players and kids that have shown a lot of interest in paintball and want to perfect in this sport by the time they are adults. Speaking of durability, this marker has a weatherproof casing and an aluminum barrel; therefore, you don’t have to be extra careful not to break when abused.

Considering its size, one can easily mistake the Empire Mini for a low performer. Well, this marker has outperformed some of the giant markers you know. The Empire mini is capable of firing 20 shots per second from its intuitively positioned self-lubricating trigger with the provision of 3 points adjustment. These ergonomic features help you to adjust it to a perfect grip and also reduce friction as you shoot your opponents. Lastly but not least, the Empire Mini offers different firing mode namely ramping, full auto, semi-auto and PSP.


Paintball Audit Review
  • Shoots really fast
  • Great durability
  • Multiple firing modes
  • Self-lubricating adjustable trigger
  • Great touch for people with small hands
  • Not ergonomically designed to cater for big handed people
  • HPA is prone to leaks if poorly maintained
Empire mini ​Paintball audit review

The Empire mini has received a lot of positive feedback, especially about its super performance. The only problem with it is that big handed people can’t use it. This marker is great for both entry and intermediate players that are searching for above-average performance to practice for tournaments.

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The Dye Proto Rize is one of the best quality makers by Proto SLG made with the user in mind thanks to its ultra-lightweight frame which perfectly fits well and feels natural to hold. This marker befits pro level players that are looking to get into some serious competition and are in need of an electronic marker that fires fast. It is  user friendly and easy to maintain; as a matter of fact, it comes with an inbuilt self-cleaning ball detent and Dye M2 eye pipe that ensures the gun is in it great shape in terms of performance and protecting your eyes from dirt and debris.

The Dye Proto Rize comes with 4 different tournament shooting modes that give you the upper hand to change its setting for best accuracy and enhanced performance while firing at your enemies. Another great performance feature of the Rize is its 14 inch, 2 piece barrel which increases its accuracy.

Its level of accuracy and precession makes it a perfect choice marker for big tournaments comparable to some highly ranked markers. It is also quieter which makes it hard for your opponent to determine your hiding position.

Paintball Audit Review
  • Highly accurate and efficient on gas
  • Fitted with ACT to prevent jamming
  • Ultra lightweight ergonomic design
  • Little noise, makes it hard for enemies to locate you
  • Has a loose regulator
Dye Proto Rize Maxxed ​Paintball audit review

Many players that have used the Dye Pro Rize are more satisfied with its great performance in terms of accuracy and little noise. The only major complaint is its loose regulator. This marker is a great choice for any level player looking to compete in serious tournaments and on a budget. Many have attributed their win to this marker.

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The Tippmann X 7 Phenom Assault marker is a great sturdy masterpiece by Tippmann that exhibits topnotch durability. For this reason, it is highly recommended for both starters and intermediate players. It is also an ideal maker for all levels playing woodsball. This gun includes FlexValve Technology that optimizes air pressure to 300 psi. This improves air efficiency while firing in mechanical mode. However, for as little as $50 you can upgrade it to fire in 5 different electronic modes.

The good thing about the Tippmann X Phenom is that there is no limitation since you can always switch back to the mechanical mode when the battery runs low. Like most other Tippmann markers, the X7 Phenom includes an air driven cyclone feeder hopper with the capability of accommodating 200 balls and a feeding rate of 20 bps. This allows the gun to fire smooth shots without jamming at a firing rate of 15 bps enough to wreak havoc against your opponents.

Another great feature about the Tippmann X7 Phenom Assault is its flexibility for customization and upgrades. As a matter of fact, its barrel is fitted with Picatinny barrel on both the top and bottom that allow you to add many amazing upgrades to improve its accuracy and performance. For instance, you may consider adding the laser light on the barrel to improve its accuracy.


Paintball Audit Review
  • Allows flexibility to change to either electric or mechanical mode
  • Pushpin construction for easy maintenance
  • Robust marker that offers extreme durability
  • Incorporates FlexValve technology for air efficiency  
  • Quite heavy and rugged built making it hard to maneuver
  • Doesn’t run quite well on CO2
Tippmann X7 Phenom Assault ​Paintball audit review

This marker has received a lot of praise among woodsball players because of its durability and ability to change between different modes. Many claims that the gun is able to fire exactly the same way like it was new without any problem irrespective of the number of times it’s dropped. However, the Tippmann X 7 Phenom is not recommended for pro players or anyone looking to compete in serious tournaments because it’s quite heavy and its rugged built affects agility.

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The Empire sniper body is entirely made of aluminum for maximum durability. This ensures the guns remain in its great shape while competing in bad weather and you accidentally fall on it or drop it on hard ground. Another important feature about this marker is that comes with an automatic trigger that gives it the ability to fire shots rapidly at a very high speed comparable to most high budget top rated markers used in tournaments.

Check it out best paintball sniper rifle review 

Paintball Audit Review
  • Automatic trigger that delivers super-fast shots
  • 2 – Piece aluminum barrel for great accuracy
  • Appealing sleek design that feels great on hand
  • Very quiet making it easy to play hide
  • Quite expensive
  • Very few upgrades available for this marker
  • The barrel kit only includes 3 pieces
Empire sniper ​Paintball audit review

There are many players that have attributed their winning to Empire sniper. The most celebrated feature about this marker is its automatic trigger that enables the gun to fire rapid shots at a very high speed thereby increasing your chances of marking your enemies. The only disadvantage with it is that there are very few upgrades available when compared to other tournament markers.

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Planet Eclipse Etha  is yet another tournament level marker that is worth your consideration especially if you are searching for great performance within an affordable range. Its entire outer frame consists of composite GRM material while the internal components are made from lightweight grade aluminum. This combination makes the planet eclipse Etha a great choice in extreme weather conditions such as winter. Moreover, the Gama core valve that powers it is extremely durable and also made to withstand harsh environmental conditions hence you don’t have to worry about its performance. With a little touch of cleaning, the Etha will fire as if it’s new.

Planet Eclipse Etha marker comes with an on/off ASA assembly system. With this feature, it is very easy to replace the tank and get back and carryon with firing within seconds. Another great thing about this marker is that it comes with a lot of upgrade options that can be included to enhance its performance. Furthermore, you don’t have to worry about maintaining it since its internal parts are joined together by a single screw making it easy to open and assemble. To clean or maintain it, you only need to remove the single screw and all the internal parts will be separated.

Paintball Audit Review
  • Great lightweight design
  • Highly accurate –  it’s hard to miss a distant target on this marker
  • Recoils rarely
  • A bit noisy for a tournament marker – this can easily get you exposed
  • Not quite efficient on air as compared with other markers
Planet Eclipse Etha Paintball audit review

This marker is recommended to all level players that are looking for a topnotch tournament marker that is within budget. It is also very easy to maintain making it a good choice for entry-level players. Its main disadvantage is that it’s not efficient in terms of air consumption bring in the aspect of cost.

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SP Shocker RSX is another top class marker that is recommended to any level player that are very particular about quality and willing to pay more. This is one of the most reliable guns made from highly durable lightweight aircraft grade material. It includes the SP RSX bolt system that makes it very tough and able to withstand abuse. As if that is not enough, this gun comes with a 4 points ball bearing trigger for better precision. This means that you’ll hardly miss your opponent with the RSX making it great on the battlefield.

If you have ever used a heavy gun in the battle, you definitely know how this can slow you down. This can easily get you exposed and make you an easy target when your focus shifts from hitting your target to positioning and dragging it with you. Well, this won’t be an issue with the RSX since it only weighs 1.70 pounds thereby making it very agile to move with without getting tired. It is also important to note that this marker is very quiet in the field, a perfect combination for a tournament marker.

Paintball Audit Review
  • Lightweight, it won’t slow you in the battle
  • Self-cleaning hence little time spent in maintenance
  • 4 point ball bearing trigger for great precision  
  • Highly efficient bolt system that uses very little air
  • Built from highly durable material to last
  • Very quiet in the battle giving you an edge over your enemies
  • Not very efficient on air for its price
  • Small front foregrip
SP Shocker RSX Paintball audit review

Many players who have used this marker in the battle are happy about how easy it is to maneuver and fire quieter smooth shots on target with great accuracy. This marker is a quite good option for all level players that don’t care to spend on quality. The only major issue is it inefficiency in terms of air consumption.

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The Tippmann  Army project salvo is a semiautomatic .68 caliber marker, with 11”inch fold stock barrel that can be expanded to 14 inches. It resembles the AR-15 rifle making it a great choice for any player looking for a military kind of simulation. It is also a good option for woodsplay, or team tactic competitions. Speaking of performance, the project salvo is an average marker with a firing rate of 8bps; however, you can improve its firing rate to up to 15 bps with electronic upgrades that will also come along with 5 different firing modes just like for most Tippmann markers.

Paintball Audit Review

There are many upgraded options for Tippmann  Army project salvo thanks to the sling mount and the 4 Picatinny rails that makes it easy for add-ons support. Moreover, this gun is very flexible with many upgrades which mean you can customize it anyhow you want for best performance. However, it can be a real pain to install upgrades since it’s quite bulky and may take you a while to access its internal parts and assemble it altogether. Furthermore, addition of many upgrades makes it even much heavier hence not a good choice for tournaments.

  • Picatinny rails for easy upgrade installation
  • Flexible to use in multiple position
  • Red dot light for accuracy
  • It’s heavy. Weighs about 9 pounds
  • Difficult to maintain
Tippmann Army Project Salvo Paintball audit review

The project salvo is a great gun for any intermediate player or anyone looking for military milsim game simulation. This gun accepts a lot of upgrades although it may take you some time to install. Many who have used described it as a heavy gun and not fit for use in tournaments.

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The GOG eNMEy is a super lightweight simple design marker built for players joining paintball. Its simplicity makes it very easy to open and assemble during maintenance. The greatest feature about this marker that you are likely not to find in some expensive marker is that it comes with a pneumatic trigger that enables it to fire smooth fast shots with just slight pull on the trigger. This feature also ensures that the metallic components don’t wear easily which improve its longevity.

GOG eNMEy spool valve is highly efficient on air which makes it highly accurate for such a low budget marker. This also means that this gun will give you a long firing time before replacing the gas cylinder. This marker also provides for the addition of more features which means you can add your favorite upgrades. For instance, you may improve its firing rate and further reduce long pull on the trigger in various modes by installing an electronic trigger.


Paintball Audit Review
  • No need for batteries
  • Easy to open and assembly
  • Many options for upgrades
  • Pneumatic trigger with reduced pull effort
  • Doesn’t make much noise
  • Doesn’t work great on CO2
  • It doesn’t include the on/off ASA switch which makes it hard to remove the tank
GOG eNMEy Paintball audit review

Many newbies that have used this gun are more satisfied with many features that they can get from it for such a low price. The most appealing feature is its pneumatic trigger, air efficiency, easy maintenance and provision for upgrades that can further improve its performance.

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Types of paintball guns

paintball guns

Paintball guns are mainly categorized into 3 main types i.e. pump, mechanical and electronic. Each type has its own advantages and disadvantages depending on individual preferences.


This is the original ancient markers that are becoming very rare to find. Paintball guns that fall in this category include a pump that is manually cocked backward and forward for each and every shot fired. The main advantage of pump paintball guns is that most of them are made of very simple in design, highly reliable and accurate. The major drawback with these guns is that they fire at very slow rate and therefore not recommended for use in tournaments or any serious paintball competition.


These markers are very common and easy to find. They are semiautomatic which means that for each and every shot fired the trigger has to be pulled back (by pulling the trigger once, only one shot will be fired). To use this type of gun, you will need to attach compressed air stored in a tank. This can be refilled at fee when it’s finished. The main advantage with mechanical markers is that they readily available, highly affordable and easy to maintain. Even though mechanical guns fire shots faster than pump guns, they are not as fast compared to electronic markers. This means that you’ll not be be playing the same level with other competitors using electronic markers.


These are the latest markers that are commonly used by pro level players in tournaments. They are very expensive than both pump and mechanical markers. These guns include a solenoid that is connected to a circuit board powered by a 9v battery. These guns are capable of raining shots from just a single pull and include multiple firing modes. Because of these reasons, they are mainly used by pro level players during tournaments. The only disadvantage with electronic markers is that they cannot operate without a battery, therefore, you have to ensure you have a backup just in case it rans low.

5 Tips for Picking the Best Paintball Marker

Top 10 paintballs

If you want to grow your skills in paintball, getting a great marker is key. However, this still remains a challenge out there for many paintball fans and sometimes even a quick online search will leave you even more confused. Well, this shouldn’t be a problem anymore after reading the following 5 tips for picking the best paintball marker.

Level of play

This is very crucial since paintball markers are made to meet different needs. If you are an entry-level player, you should look for low budget durable paintball that you can use for practice. With a little experience, it is very easy to accidentally break the gun which can be a very huge loss if you had invested in heavily on it. On the other hand, if you are a pro player who participates in many tournaments, you may consider investing in top quality electronic maker with a high level of accuracy and high firing rate. With such a marker, it will be very easy to eliminate your enemies.


This is a very important consideration in the battlefield for any level player. The noisier the marker, the easier it is for enemies to spot your location and eliminate you. With a silent gun, it is very easy to play mind games where you can play hide and unleash surprise shots against your enemies when they least expect. This will better your winning chances and hence worth a consideration when searching for a marker to use in a tournament or serious competitions that you don’t want to lose.

Provision for upgrades

A great paintball marker should be the one which allows you to add amazing add-ons to improve the performance or can easily be customized to make it unique the best way you feel like. In this sport, it is very easy to excel using a weapon that you have spent time to enhance its performance, and you are so used to it such that it feels natural on hand. The only way you can realize this is through the possibility for upgrades in a marker. Examples of feature that you should look for in a maker include, Picatinny rails, trigger upgrades options, barrels shrouds, only to mention a few.

Air efficiency

This is very pertinent consideration to research before investing in a marker. A highly efficient marker consumes very little and will last you for long in the battle. This will also come along with saving you a lot of cost for a refill. Moreover, markers that are highly efficient are known for accuracy compared to those that consume more air.


This is yet another key point that you should look for in a marker. A durable marker won’t break in the middle of a battle and will last for long to be used for future tournaments. Moreover, this will save you the unnecessary cost of repair, time spent looking for compatible spares, and cost of replacing your marker with a new one in case of extreme damage. To determine a durable maker, check the nature of the material used in its construction. Most durable markers are usually built from aircraft grade aluminum or high-density plastic.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers.

1.How old do I need to play paintball?
You have to be at least 10 years to play paintball. However, any person bellow the age of 18 should have a signed waiver for a guardian.

2.What do I need to do to win?
You must have a lot of enthusiasm and desire to learn new skills in this sport. To win in this sport you must hit your opposing team and avoid being hit.

3. Can I play if I am pregnant?
Paintball is high endurance sports that is very demanding physically. You risk complications associated with pregnancy such as miscarriage and bleeding and therefore not recommended sport for expectant mothers.

4. Does the paint easily wash out?
Absolutely yes, as a matter of fact, paintballs are food grade non-caustic gelatin capsules that are very easy to clean just like any other dirt on clothing.

5. Is there special protective equipment to be worn while playing paintball?
This being a physical endurance sports, it is possible to get such injuries like bruises, cuts, foreign objects in the eyes just to mention a few. For your safety, you should always ensure that you were approved grade personal protective equipment. These include; whole face/head protection (goggles, face mask, and helmet), hand gloves, safety boots, camouflage combat suit, and waist battle pack.

6. Does it hurt when hit?
Well, this one of the most frequently asked question. Yes, it does hurt but only a little. However, this will depend on distance. If shot at close range it will hurt a little more compared to a distant range.

7. How long does it take to play paintball?
The duration of time will depend on the number of participants and the size of the field. This will also depend on the level of players experience. Generally, this may take between 3 to 20 minutes on average.

8. Do I need to sign a waiver for my child?
Any child that wants to play must have a waiver signed by a parent or guardian.

9. Are there any other extra items that I can bring?
We advise players to bring extra items like bug spray, warm gloves, sunscreen, and lip balm while playing in certain environmental conditions.

10. What happens before the game starts?
Before the battle starts, the teams will be divided into two. This will be followed by an induction safety talk and a confirmation on whether all players have the right protective gears. Thereafter the battle starts.

11. What should I expect in a paintball bout?
Firstly, you should be ready to observe the rules of the game. You should be very keen on instructions and additional information like the location of the dead zone, the objective of the game, and time. Going contrary to the objectives and rule of the sport can get you eliminated.

12. How do I know when the objectives are complete?
This will be communicated to all players when one team has achieved all the set objectives. But before that, don’t remove your face mask until the cover is placed on the barrel.


By the time you will be reading this, you must have already settled on a maker that meets your needs from our top 10 best markers review of 2019. Our recommendations have taken account of all level players, right from beginner level, through intermediary and finally pro level. We hope that you’ll have a great time playing paintball from your choice and also win many tournaments from our paintball review

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